It’s great having an open fire or wood burner in your pub or place of work; it can really pull the customers in! But don’t let it go with out being cleaned – you may well find that your insurance company requires that the chimney is swept on regular bases and certificate is needed to show that this is done to the correct standard.

For a long time Landlords/agents have been unable to put a clause in a tenancy agreement stating that the tenant is responsible for maintaining the solid fuel heating systems as this is described as unfair contract term (Office of Fair Trading 2005). So you can not get your tenant to discharge your duty of care for you. (Unless a court order has been issued)

If the landlord looks after the solid fuel appliance then they would have discharged their duty of care towards their tenants and would be keeping their own property safe from unnecessary fire risks and unwanted legal claims.

Remember as a landlord you have a legal duty of care to your tenants and as such blocked flues that subsequently cause death could result in the landlord being tried for criminal negligence or in extreme cases a manslaughter prosecution may arise.

Chimney Sweep Certificate

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